Bread for the World Broken (AOV 1/60)

This is, obviously, a Eucharist song from Christopher Walker.  We’ve never used it, probably because of the 4/4, 3/8, 2/4, 4/4 time shifting going on. You can get an idea of how this works from the snippet at AOV. Once this is mastered it actually is quite a pleasant tune and even has a Christmas version.  Because of the pauses, the song isolates the word “shed”.  I think this sounds odd for Australian males who are fixated on their sheds.

It was a dog to get into BIAB and I finally managed with a combination of time and tempo changes that I think did the trick. It ended up with a faux medieval style.

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Bread for the world broken; wine for us all shed;

Word in flesh spoken:

God in love made manifest, God in love made manifest.

Verse 1

Love on the road that’s lonely, love in our minds as guide,

Love speaking words of wisdom, love walking by our side.


Verse 2

Love on our lips to praise him, love in our eyes to care,

Love on our hands for healing, love in ours hearts to share.


Verse 3

Love feeds our starving brother, love heals our sister’s pain,

Love is a light in darkness, love soon will rise again.


Verse 4

Love redeems all creation, love is the only way,

Love is our song forever, so with the world we say:

Final refrain

You are the love broken; Yours is the blood shed;

You are the word spoken:

You are love made manifest, you are love made manifest.


Christmas Version

Love has come down from heaven, love blessing all the earth,

Love of our God given, love here in human birth.


Love in the eyes of shepherds, love in the Virgin’s joy,

Love in a lowly stable, love for a holy boy.


Love on my lips to praise him, love in my eyes to care,

Love on his hands for healing, love in his heart to share.


Love redeems all creation, love is the only way,

Love is our song forever, so with the world we say:

© Christopher Walker 1981.

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2 Responses to Bread for the World Broken (AOV 1/60)

  1. Bernard Roberts says:

    Our Church choir would love to learn this beautiful hymn. Is there anyway we could get a copy of the music , either in sheet form or a Noteworthy file?

    An early and favourable reply will be much appreciated.


    • admin says:

      Yes it is a lovely song Bernard. Christopher Walker is published by OCP so you may be able to buy it as a single download from them or in one of their collections.
      Obviously you or your church could also buy the As One Voice Collections from their website:

      I’m not aware that copywrited liturgical music often turns up as noteworthy files, but I know little about them. Good luck with your choir and Christopher Walker’s very challenging song.


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