Gather Your People (AOV 1/71)

This is another Bob Hurd song, and this one we use an awful lot.

It can purchased for download at OCP.

I like the gentle gospel swing style and its obvious use for gathering. You can hear the original version here. This is a version from a big mass that is good – there are lots of versions of youtube but they are mostly too fast and lose the swing, even the 120 I do it at is pushing things a bit.

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Gather your people, O Lord.
Gather your people, O Lord.
One bread, one body, one spirit of love.
Gather your people, O Lord.

Verse 1

Draw us forth to the table of life:
brothers and sisters,
each of us called to walk in your light.


Verse 2
We are parts of the body of Christ,
needing each other,
each of the gifts the Spirit provides.


Verse 3

No more harm on the mountain of God;
swords into plowshares.
Free us, O Lord, from hardness of heart.


Verse 4
Wash us, Lord, in the waters of life;
waters of mercy,
waters of hope that flow from your side.


© Bob Hurd 1991.

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