In Perfect Charity (AOV 1/142)

This very stately hymn is by Randall DeBruyn and you can listen to it here. This another one that my old guitar version of AOV had a misplaced page.  I coped with an assembly version and the chords from the OCP site and I’m sure the current AOVs are fine.

It can be purchased for download at OCP.

I worry it is a delicate flower of a song that might wind up sounding like “Jerusalem” with too many voices. Here is a comment from a fan of the song.

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 Verse 1

O most high and glorious God,

Cast your light into the darkness of my heart.

Give me right faith, and certain hope,

And perfect, perfect charity.

Give me true insight, Lord, and wisdom,

That I may always live within your ever holy will,

Lord may your light within me burn,

Shining out in perfect charity.

Verse 2

O most high and glorious God,

Open wide the door that leads me to your love.

Give me your firm, yet gentle strength;

May I live that perfect charity.

Lord, may your peace be ever in me,

That I may always seek to serve your children here on earth;

That I may find my home in you,

And live in perfect charity.

Verse 3

Then most high and thankful praise

I will sing unto the glory of your name:

To Father, Son, and Spirit bright,

Living Presence, Perfect Charity.

Praise to the Love that shines in splendour,

That lights the pathways of my heart,

And brings me close to you. O Holy One,

Invite me in, where you live in perfect charity.

© Randall DeBruyn 1982.

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5 Responses to In Perfect Charity (AOV 1/142)

  1. Perry says:

    I was listening to this song earlier during a televised Mass and the words just seemed to touch my soul. It lead me to this site, searching for each verse. Thank you so much for having them here. It is truly a blessing. May you be blessed in return, over and over again.

  2. Charles Krause says:

    I love Beautiful christian songs of praise. I found this Beautiful song in I-Tunes. What a Blessing to hear this song and the lyrics. Thank you for sharing this song of praise. I was wondering, if there is a instrumental version of this song. I am 79 years old, and I love to put beautiful songs on my i-movies with pictures. Could you advise me if I can locate an instrumental version? Thank you in advance. God Bless you all.

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