All I Ask of You (AOV 1/150)

This song sounds very seventies from the perspective of lyrics.  Writen by Gregory Norbet in the seventies when he was still a monk, there is something vaguely disturbing about a line ” and for me that’s just where it is”. We’ve sung it a lot and I suppose in fifty years it will be a shining example of the best of mid twentieth century hymnody.

You could just use the refrain as a mantra and in that form it has been combined with what I think is a sufi chant.

You can hear a vocal and keyboard version here.


All I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you.

Verse 1

Deep the joy of being together in one heart
and for me that’s just where it is.


Verse 2

As we make our way through all the joys and pain,
can we sense our younger, truer selves?


Verse 3

Someone will be calling you to be there for a while.
Can you hear their cry from deep within?


Verse 4

Laughter, joy and presence: the only gifts you are!
Have you time? I’d like to be with you.


Verse 5

Persons come into the fiber of our lives,
and then their shadows fade and disappear.


Forever as loving you.

Copyright © 1973
The Benedictine Foundation of the State of Vermont, Inc.,
Weston Priory, Weston, Vermont.


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6 Responses to All I Ask of You (AOV 1/150)

  1. Jillian Patane says:

    I love listening to this music. So uplifting.

  2. JIJI BENNY says:

    Good tune

  3. Jennifer Keyen says:

    I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it being sung. At the age of 14 I told all my friends and mum that if they’re alive when I pass, I want it sung at my funeral.

  4. Olyvin says:

    One of my favourite hymn.

  5. eddie says:

    as the organist for my church, I wish I can purchase the sheet music for this song.

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