Bread of Life (AOV 1/164)

Bernadette Farrell’s song is a Eucharist song, so always something I’m looking for.  It is awfully slow and would need expert singing to avoid problems I suspect. A version (though not the lyrics as in AOV) can be heard here. You can hear an organ and voice version here that is not quite as slow and seems to sing more easily.

It can be purchased for download at OCP.

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The lyrics on the recording are:

Bread of life, hope of the world,
Jesus Christ, our brother;
feed us now, give us life,
lead us to one another.

Verse 1.

A child is born for us,
a son is given to us,
in our midst, Christ, our Lord and God
comes as one who serves.


Verse 2.

With our own eyes we see,
with our own ears we hear
the salvation of all the world,
God’s incarnate Word.


Verse 3.

You are the hope of all,
our promise and our call,
radiant light in our darkness,
truth to set us free.


AOV has another set of lyrics with the same chorus but different verses:

Verse 1

As we proclaim your death as we recall your life,

We remember your promise to return again.

Verse 2

The bread we break and share was scattered once as grain:

Just as now it is gathered, make your people one.

Verse 3

We eat this living bread, we drink this saving cup:

Sign of hope in our broken world, source of lasting  love.

Verse 4

Hold us unity, in love for all to see;

That the world may believe in you, God of all who live.

Verse 5

You are the bread of peace, you are the wine of joy,

Broken now for your people, poured in endless love.

© Bernadette Farrell 1982,1987.

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