A Journey Remembered (AOV 2/47)

Another Fr Kevin Bates song which is a “psalm” for a chorus with three verses of testimony in between. An odd structure but the text such that most people could sing it with ownership. Listen to an excerpt here at AOV.

My backing is at 90bpm. I’m afraid I couldn’t get the lilt and gentleness of the original into my backing.


O praise the Lord, my soul.

My God, how great you are.

My heart and my soul sing out your praise.

My God, how great you are.

Verse 1

You have carried me within your arms

whenever I’ve known fear.

You have waited patiently for me,

then you drew me near.

You have run beside me even when

I didn’t want to know

that you are my home and my joy.

Verse 2

In the doubting times you touch’d my hope

and showed me how to be.

In the hours of fear and hopelessness

your truth set me free.

In the memory of family

I learnt to know your name,

learn that you are my home and my joy.

Verse 3

Lord, bless the place where I was born

and those who carried me.

Lord, bless the many smiles,

who have kindly set me free.

Lord, bless the many little ones

who’ve shown your face to me:

you are my home and my joy.


© Kevin Bates 1985.

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One Response to A Journey Remembered (AOV 2/47)

  1. Luisa Nainoka says:

    Beautiful Hymn..so love it..suitable in all occasions.. nice entrance Hymn in any Mass.

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