Change Our Hearts (Rory Cooney)

“Frenzy Cool” asked if I could do backings for a couple of Rory Cooney songs.  They called it a “minus one” and I remember I had a music minus one LP record back the dim dark past.

That’s fine except Rory Cooney hasn’t been heard of in these parts (at least by me) and I didn’t have any music for them.

Anyway, OCP has put sample pages of “Change Our Hearts” up on the web, which I used to make my backing. You can hear the real version here. Do buy the sheet music if you like the song.

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Change our hearts this time,

your word says it can be.

Change our minds this time,

your life could make us free.

We are the people your call sets apart.

Lord, this time change our hearts.

Verse 1.

Brought by your hand to the edge of our dreams,

one foot in paradise, one in the waste.

Drawn by your promises, still we are lured

by the shadows and the chains we leave behind. But …


Verse 2.

Now as we watch you stretch out your hands,

offering abundances, fullness of joy,

your milk and honey seem distant, unreal,

when we have bread and water in our hands. But …


Verse 3.

Show us the way that leads to your side,

over the mountains and sands of the soul.

Be for us manna, water from stone,

light which says we never walk alone. And …


© 1984

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8 Responses to Change Our Hearts (Rory Cooney)

  1. Frenzy Cool says:

    Thank you very much for the ” Change Our Hearts” minus one. This is such an inspiring response from you which could really motivate poor youth choir in the most remote place of the Philippines like us who has no resources to buy even a simple instrument that could accompany our songs every Sunday Mass in our very small chapel. Our parishioners would also want to express their heartfelt thanks for the minus one.

    We further would like to request for the minus one of the following songs if its available in your file: Unless the Grain ( …unless the grain of wheat shall fall..), Gather the People, God is our Refuge,
    More power and God Bless.

  2. admin says:

    I’ve done Bernadette Farrell’s “Unless a Grain of Wheat” here:

    If that’s not the one, can you let me know the composer so I can look for another version.

    I assume the “Gather the People is the Dan Schutte one and we don’t do that here, but I can look for it.

    You will have to let me know who the author of “God is Our Refuge” is.

  3. Frenzy Cool says:

    Good Day!

    The author of “God is Our Refuge” is Allen Pote.

  4. David Ruelas says:

    How can I download the mp3 backing for “Change Our Hearts”? Tried clicking where it says Download MP3 backing: Change Our Hearts. It didn’t work. Please advise. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Try right clicking again and select download. I tried and it took longer to respond than usual. Maybe it’s a WordPress thing. I can e-mail it to you if need be.



      • admin says:

        I saw this exchange when reading Camille’s comment below. I have since taken down all the download links.

        Sorry if this has confused anyone.


  5. Camille says:

    Thanks so much for providing the words to Change Our Hearts. I will be singing this at the Lakemont Congregational Church in Lakemont this Sunday, and I would like to have the congregation join me. As a former NYC school Reading Teacher, I know that both reading and singing are more effective, and this song holds a powerful message that the congregation would truly benefit by both listening and singing these words.

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