Bread, Blessed and Broken

This song has always been very popular at our church.  It is by Michael B. Lynch, otherwise known as Ukelele Mike. (To digress, it is a sin not to learn the uke – or to put it another way, buy my brother’s book.)

This is very singable Eucharist song and so will always find a place. I’ve read objections to “symbol of Your love,” as denying real presence, but this is a narrow view of symbol ignoring the idea that symbols are real -much more real than prosaic arguments over the nature of transubstantiation.

You can buy it from OCP here, and listen to an exceptional piano version here.

I fear we haven’t always been as delicate and gentle with this one as we should have been.

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Verse 1
Jesus, you’re the one I love,
You’re the one I know.
You’re the one who makes me strong,
Spirit in my soul.
From the clouds of yesterday,
Through the night of pain,
Teach me, Lord, to know your way
Know it once again.
Bread, blessed and broken for us all;
Symbol of Your love from the grain so tall.
Bread, blessed and broken for us all;
Bread of life you give to us, bread of life for all.
Verse 2
May the bread we break today,
May the cup we share,
Lift the burdens of our hearts,
Lift them ev’rywhere.
Passing on to each of us,
A measure of your love
Love to make us whole again,
As we share your Word.

© Raven Music 1978,1979.

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4 Responses to Bread, Blessed and Broken

  1. Lee says:

    awesome- beautiful music. smooth playing. God bless you.

    • Kenedy says:

      This song is one of my very best musics from Bamenda Archdiocesan Vocation Camps organized by the Archdiocesan vocation team.

  2. wilson says:

    nice music… where i can get this midi file

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