Bread to Share

This is a Marty Haugen song that I like but didn’t catch on locally. It is in his “All Are Welcome” collection and I bought that to get “The Hand of God Shall Hold You” and found the Eucharist song in the collection, well, because I’m always looking for Eucharist songs.

The text is here (scroll down).

The refrain uses bread, fish, wine or room depending on what was sung in the preceding verse. I can’t imagine anyone doing ten verses, so pick those that fit the liturgy.

It probably should be done call and response, but we did it unison. It goes too high in the verse so guitarists might as well leave the capo off one and bring it down half a tone.

You can hear at sample and buy the music at GIA here. This is a sweet version.

[audio:|titles=Bread to Share]
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