Peace Be With You Always

I’m still in the miscellaneous file of songs that have been used over the years that aren’t from As One Voice. This Andrew Chinn song can’t have been used much as I don’t remember it at all. It may have been from a school liturgy and it suits that use.  You can hear a sample here.  It is available in the “Together As One” collection that you can order using this form.

Andrew Chinn has requested that I post only an excerpt of my backing.  Please go to his website to purchase his music and CDs.

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Peace be with you all day
My peace be with you always
Peace be with you all my friends
My peace be with you ‘til the end
My peace be with you always

1. My peace is what I leave with you
It is my own peace I give you
Do not be worried, do not be afraid
In my peace I am with you always

2. And you will never walk alone
For God is with you as you go
My peace it comes from God, it calls us to unite as one
My peace will make and keep you strong

3. And may the peace of Christ guide you
In all you say and all you do
And may his peace, live in your heart
In all its strength, in all you are

4. And may God bless you as you leave
And may the Spirit give you peace
And as you walk along, along life’s road
May Christ be with you all, as you go

© Butterfly Music


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