Great Man of God

Br Martin Conneely has asked for a backing of this song.  Never having been to a Marist school I had no idea, but Chris has come to the party, letting me know that it is to the tune of “For All the Saints,” by Ralph Vaughan Williams. Someone will need to let me know who wrote the lyrics.

My backing is more fake organ, but I’m not sure if the tempo and feel is at all right, so do let me know.

[audio: | titles= Great Man of God]

Great man of God, Champagnat shone with zeal,
Strove thru’ his life, his Master to reveal;
With him for guide may we o’er sin prevail,
Praise be to Jesus and to His Mother!

For Mary’s son, this son of Lyon’s soil,
Gave up himself, for youth to pray and toil,
To lead to God, and Satan’s power to foil,
Praise be to Jesus and to His Mother!

So let these words of Great Champagnat ring,
and with one voice let’s praise our God and King.
Let Marist’s sons be ever proud to sing:
Praise be to Jesus and to His Mother!

These hopes that bind us, this purpose and this plan,
Everywhere find us, held by friendship’s hand.
In work, in play, in all, to serve, to pray.
We will be faithful, Servo Fidem.

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7 Responses to Great Man of God

  1. Br Martin Conneely says:

    Thanks a million

    God bless.

  2. Sam Wicks says:

    I know this song off by heart as it i smy school’s song/anthem and i am very pleased to see that it is on the internet.

    An amazing song that all should know.

  3. Bro. Farancis King fms says:

    Thanks a lot. So glad to have access to this lovely song.

  4. Tony de Villiers says:

    Lyrics by Br. Placidus Butler 1955 – 1999 … Melody – “Sine Nomine” by Vaughan Williams, used for the hymn “For all saints … “

  5. Neil Colombari says:

    Having been through Marist Schools from Years 5-12, I am very familiar with this hymn (and actually knew of it before I’d ever heard of For All The Saints). The version I am familiar with has different lyrics, and as they are more ‘traditional’, I suspect they pre-date the above.

    Verse 1:
    Identical to above

    Verse 2:
    Identical to above, except for the second line where “Gave up himself…” is replaced by “Gave up the world…”

    Verses 3 & 4:
    Entirely different –

    Inflamed with Love of Mary, First Resource,
    Living in God, who gave his life it’s force,
    To Crib and Cross he ever had recourse,
    Praise be to Jesus, and to His Mother.

    “Be of one heart,” he urged in life and death,
    “Be humble, chaste, obey with every breath”
    “Work for Christ, but through His Mother blest.”
    Praise be to Jesus, and to Hos Mother.

    • Tim Mac says:

      I’m more familiar with that version as well Neil.

      Although my memory has , in verse 2, ‘Gave of himself’.

      I also believe that verses 3 and 4 were changed shortly after Marcellin was canonised in 1999. However I don’t recall verse 4 of the admins post at all.

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