Music for the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time 21st/22ndJuly

The liiturgy team for this week has chosen these songs:

Entrance: You Are Welcome (Leo Watt)

Psalm: The Lord is My Shepherd “Crimmond”

Gifts: Like a Shepherd (Dufford) AOV 1/160

Communion: Table Song (Haas)

Come As You Are (Browne) AOV 1/31

Recessional – Lord the Light of Your Love (Kendrick) AOV 2/59

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2 Responses to Music for the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time 21st/22ndJuly

  1. Chris says:

    We are doing the following music in my parish this weekend.

    Gathering: In Faith and Hope and Love (McAuley)

    Psalm: Because the Lord Is My Shepherd (Wilcock) – done with refrain as response and cantor with verses. start with refrain.

    POG: I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say

    Communion: We Are Many Parts (Haugen)

    Sending Forth: Glory and Praise to Our God (Schutte)

  2. Gerard says:

    Today’s readings give us a wonderful opportunity to pray the Shepherd hymns.
    Here’s what our 10am Mass will be singing.
    Entrance: This is the Day
    Psalm: The Lord is my Shephed (Boniwell)
    Gifts: Like a Shepherd (Dufford)
    Communion: Come to Me (Norbet)
    Recessional: Shout to the Lord (Zschech)

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