I Am the Bread of Life

Oh good, a Eucharist song.

“I am the Bread of Life” (No72 AOV NG) is a welcome song if only because the commonly used song (Toolan) of that title has ridiculous vocal range requirements.  It is by WLP artist, Tom Kaczmarek.

It is a laid strum along with a little R&B styling in it. The vocal on CD is not to my taste, much too bland, so there’s lots of potential to sing it better. Then again, I have closely followed their arrangement in my backing, so I’ll say at least that was worth stealing. The sample of the song available from his parish website link above, is very different from the one on the AOV NG CD and sampled on their website and you might prefer the more traditionally sung version.

The last phrase of the verse has something musically interesting – honestly, have a listen.  The verses are really quite well written and you could pick and choose the appropriate thought for the particular liturgy – like picking verses in “All Are Welcome”.

The text is available here and here.


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