My Soul is Thirsting

No 97 in AOV NG is another song by Steve Angrisano of OCP via USA, “My Soul is Thirsting.”  You can hear his version here, although that is a different version to the piano driven one on the AOV NG CD. You can even watch him teach the song – he plays it capo 5 (ie uke chords). Based on Psalm 62 it is a professional, sweet song with little to stand in it’s way for liturgical use. It can be purchased for download from spiritandsong.

I personally find those qualities somewhat distracting and prefer Australian settings, but that is likely just unreasonable prejudice.

My backing is pure MIDI.  I have noticed that when BIAB renders a song with no sampled audio in it, they are turning out a bit strange.  It is not so noticeable on this slower song, but I fear there are still a couple a slipped notches in the rhythm track. I’ve had to go back and fix some of the more rhythmic backings that were pure MIDI.

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My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord,
thirsting for you, my God.
My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord,
thirsting for you, my God,
thirsting for you, my God.

Alternate Refrain
As morning breaks I look to you;
be my strength this day.
As morning breaks I look to you;
be my strength this day,
be my strength this day.

Verse 1.

O God, you are my God,
and I will always praise you.
In the shadow of your wings
I cling to you and you hold me high.


Verse 2.

Through the day you walk with me;
all the night your love
surrounds me.
To the glory of your name
I lift my hands, I sing your praise.

Verse 3.

I will never be afraid,
for I will not be abandoned.
Even when the road grows long
and weary
your love will rescue me.


© Steve Angrisano 1997.

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7 Responses to My Soul is Thirsting

  1. Denise McGarry says:

    I’ve just discovered your webpage because I was looking for “My soul is thirsting for you” which I heard for the first time on Saturday. Would it be at all possible for you to send me the midi file. I am in a small church choir in Co Antrim Ireland and unfortunately have not been blessed with the talent that you have. Most of the music we use in our choir is from midi files played through a Yamaha Keyboard and we would love to be able to sing this beautifuly hymn at Mass. Your work is fantastic. Keep it up. God bless

  2. admin says:

    G’Day Denise

    I’ve e-mailed you separately about this. You would be surprised how easy is it to make backings with Band in a Box. I play guitar myself rather than keyboard.

    Out of interest, do you buy professional MIDI files or does someone make them for you. I know of some groups who use them here, and some of my old MIDI files I gather are still in use about the place, much to my horror. It is actually quite a discipline to sing to backings – live musicians are much more forgiving.


  3. David Lin says:

    We have a small church choir in Melbourne and we are looking to sing this version of My Soul is Thirsting. Are you able to share with me as well the MIDI file or the BIAB file. Thank you very much.

  4. Anthony C says:

    Hi! I love your MIDI version. Would there be a way I could get this and some of your other MIDI files? I am a Catholic school teacher and I have found that our weekly masses go better if I am in front of the student choir directing each week.

  5. RB de Leon says:

    Hi! I’m a member of a small Catholic choir in Dubai. I am currently on leave and the choir needs to sing this song. However, we do not have a recording of it.

    Could you send the MIDI file to me so the choir will have an accompaniment in the mass?

    Thanks and regards,


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