God Is Dwelling in My Heart

I was asking Joe Santsingh some advice about playing to backings and he mentioned this song and sent me his arrangement.  He has revived the song in his parish and it is special to many people who grew up in the sixties I believe.

It is new to me because I was Presbyterian then and we would have only sung a song written by a nun by accident I think.

This was supposed to have been written by Sister Miriam Francis, but that was actually a pseudonym for Australian Nun Sister Irene O’Connor.

The text is here but I’m told if you are an Australian Catholic of a certain age it is etched in your brain. I can’t find it in any hymnals, nor for sale on the web so I’d be interested if anyone knows if the sheet music is available commercially.

Joe uses backings he creates to augment his playing along with a guitarist and voice. When you listen to his backing you can hear the space he leaves for music on the day.

My backing has a more prominent melody line for learning purposes and you can tell I’m cheating by using BIAB.

I don’t know if any of these are the versions they recorded back in the sixties:

Maybe this one:

If you read the article about the song you’ll see there is a link to Singapore:

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  1. Frankie Little says:

    We have sheet music here.

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