Micah’s Theme (Gather Australia 486)

I never come across this one before. The song is by Sr Anne Kelly IBVM and based on Micah 6, which certainly makes it liturgically useful.

The text is at Godsongs where she points out the offending Yahweh:

The original text was “Hear then what Yahweh asks of you”, but many people who use the hymn have now changed it to “Hear what the Lord God asks of you” – and this is reflected in the files here.

I believe the songwriter is the Sr Kelly active in the fight against human trafficking.

Gather Australia is the only source I can find for the sheet music.

[audio:http://www.sixmaddens.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Micahs-Theme.mp3|titles=Micahs Theme]


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4 Responses to Micah’s Theme (Gather Australia 486)

  1. Judy Rowlands says:

    Hi Sister Anne

    What copyright is it under….I can’t find it in CCLI or ONE LICENCE…
    Could you help me. We play it a lot in our parish



    • admin says:

      G’Day Judy, my name is Geoff and I run this site.

      It appears many songs outside the big copyright holders have not made it to ONE LICENCE yet.

      You might be able to get in touch with Sister Anne via the Loreto Sisters and ask her directly.




  2. Jon says:

    Hi Geoff,

    This hymn has been around for yonks in our Parish, it was a big one for our year 5 teacher back in the 80’s. He liked a strong marching tempo to it!
    It can also be found in the original (now defunct?) Catholic Worship Book as hymn no: 748
    Sadly it didn’t make the transition to CWBII.

    Thanks for your excellent site! A great source of information and guidance for us Parish musos!

    • admin says:

      G’Day Jon

      Well CWB is definitely out of print but there the song is, just as you, say hiding in the little green book.
      I only have a pew version so I have to guess chords when I use it, but it is a resource I should not forget.

      thanks, Jon.


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