Galilee Song (AOV 1/5)

Fr Frank Andersen wrote this very popular song.  I hated it originally and had to be told that a lot of people who came to the church late in life found this song described their spiritual journey and so meant a lot to them.  So it’s OK now with me.  It’s not on the NLMB Yes list but that’s not likely to stop anyone singing it now.

This version is a fun update by James Maher’s band at last year’s AOV conference.  It isn’t 100% faithful to the original but everyone sang along, which was great.

Frank describes himself as the Slim Dusty of Australian liturgical music so I’ve done a slower country version as a backing.

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Verse 1

Deep within my heart, I feel voices whispering to me.
Words that I can’t understand; meanings I must clearly hear!
Calling me to follow close, lest I leave myself behind!
Calling me to walk into evening shadows one more time!


So I leave my boats behind!
Leave them on familiar shores!
Set my heart upon the deep!
Follow you again, my Lord! (rpt)

Verse 2

In my memories, I know how you send familiar rains
Falling gently on my days, dancing patterns on my pain!
And I need to learn once more in the fortress of my mind,
To believe in falling rain as I travel deserts dry!


Verse 3

As I gaze into the night down the future of my years,
I’m not sure I want to walk past horizons that I know!
And I need to learn once more like a stirring deep within,
Restless, ’til I live again beyond the fears that close me in!


© Frank Andersen and Chevalier Music 1993.

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8 Responses to Galilee Song (AOV 1/5)

  1. Rosh Jacob says:

    Wowwww!!! this is brilliant… Would it be a possibility for me to get the tabs?? Please.. 🙂

  2. Caitriona Clay says:

    This is absolutely brilliant backing for one of my favourite songs. Some of these songs are spoilt because they are sung too slow or too fast. In my opinion you have got it perfect. I can not sing for peanuts but I like to give it a go at home when there is no one listening . Keep up the great work.

  3. Fran James says:

    I’ve found this song very meaningful at times of major loss and transition, and have used it with others in the same situation such as returning missionaries. WE will all have to walk into shadows at times, and risk losing ourselves.

  4. Alice says:

    I would like to get the mp3 file of this, where would I be able to purchase it from?

  5. Merryl Watson says:

    Hi there – the Galillee song is fantastic but it took me a while to work out what it meant. Did Father Frank Andersen have a scripture in mind that he based the words on. I have the Eagles Wings book too – some simple but brilliant compositions in it.
    Many thanks

    • admin says:

      G’Day Merryl

      Matt 4:18-21 would be a start I suppose, but I suspect a life lived in the Spirit is reflected here.



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