Forth in the Peace of Christ We Go (Gather Australia 495)

A traditional sounding recessional with a text by James Quinn SJ (1919-2010) set to SONG 34 by Orlando Gibbons (1593-1625). Orlando didn’t think to put guitar chords on and there are none in GA, but Together in Song came to the rescue for me.

The text is here and the tune is out of copyright by several centuries. The lyrics are often set to other tunes and sound great to JERUSALEM.

My backing of this tune is feeble fake organ on BIAB. Oddly there are 3 bars of 4/4 followed by 3/4 for the rest of each verse.

This is the right tune setting Charles Wesley’s “Forth in Your Name, O Lord, I Go,” and the similarity hints at possible homage to Wesley paid by Quinn.



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  1. Margaret Powell says:

    I am wondering whether I can have permission to use the words of James Quinn Forth in the Peace of Christ We Go please. I have the tune but need permission for the words. Are the words covered by ccli? I would l9ve our congregation to sing these words. Thank you, Margaret Powell

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