Music for Easter Liturgies

I’m away at Easter and will probably strum along with the wonderful organist in George Town.

The schedule for the Vigil there is:

Blessing of the Fire – no music

Exultant sung without music (I don’t know what setting)

Gloria (MOSF)

The Lord is My Shepherd AOV 1/26 for Sprinkling

Gifts: Christ be Our Light AOV 2/3

Communion: Alleluia No 1 AOV 1/15

Recessional: Celtic Alleluia AOV 1/13


Here in Queensland I wasn’t around for the planning meeting but I think it’s the same as last year.

Ethan has helpfully put up his parishes’ liturgy from last year’s Vigil:

The Hymns I did at Last Years Easter Vigil were:
Lighting of the Fire:Christ Be our Light Verses 1 and 2
Exultet:Star of Morning Fire Frank Andersen MSC (Chorus sung by the Congregation and Verses Sung by Musicians and Choir)
After Old Testament Readings:Song of the Body of Christ (Chorus)
Gloria (Mass of Renewal)
Gospel Acclamation:Alleluia No 1:AOV 15
Communion:Lord of the Dance AOV18 and Sing a New Song AOV 80
Recessional the Easter Song Lent and Easter Song Book (Number 14)

Feel free to post and compare liturgies – people consult them for years you know!


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4 Responses to Music for Easter Liturgies

  1. Ryan says:

    I’ll be back at St. Mary’s for Easter, but I went to Holy Thursday Mass at my new parish, St. Catherine, where they conveniently put their entire Triduum worship aids in one big booklet. Here’s everything from Thursday-Saturday:

    Holy Thursday
    Gathering: We Should Glory in the Cross (Alonso)

    Mass Setting: Mass of Redemption (Janco)
    Psalm: Our Blessing Cup (Haas)

    Washing of Feet: So You Must Do (Haugen)
    Reception of Holy Oils: Rite for Receiving the Holy Oils (Schiavone)
    Gifts: Bread of Life (Farrell)

    Communion: Take and Eat (Joncas)

    Procession: Pange Lingua (PANGE LINGUA GLORIOSI)

    Good Friday:
    Psalm: Father, Into Your Hands (Guimont)

    Veneration of the Cross: Behold the Cross (Schutte)
    O Sacred Head Surrounded (PASSION CHORALE)

    Communion: Were You There (spiritual)

    Easter Vigil

    Exsultet (Snyder)

    Psalms: Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Zsigray)
    You Are My Inheritance (Haugen)
    Exodus Reading for the Great Vigil (Cooney)
    With Joy You Shall Draw Water (Haugen)
    Create in Me (Hurd)

    Mass Setting: Mass of Redemption (Janco)

    Sprinkling: Song Over the Waters (Haugen)

    Gifts: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today (EASTER HYMN)

    Communion: Holy Darkness (Schutte)
    I Am the Bread of Life (Toolan)

    Closing: Alleluia, Christ Is Risen (Alonso; HYMN TO JOY)

  2. R.S. says:

    Holy Thursday
    opening: Glory in the Cross (Schutte)
    washing of the feet: As I Have Done for You (Schutte)
    offertory: Here at this Table (Whitaker)
    communion: The Supper of the Lord (Rosania), Love One Another (Dufford)
    procession: Pange, Lingua, Gloriosi (st. thomas- tantum ergo)

  3. R.S. says:

    Living Stations of the Cross presented by the youth group
    opening: Now We Remain (Haas)
    The Way of the Cross (Fr. M. Francisco)
    closing: In Remembrance of Me (Courtney)

  4. R.S. says:

    opening: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today (Easter hymn)
    sequence: Christ Is Arisen (Debruyn)
    sprinkling: Baptized in Water (Saward; bunessan)
    offertory: Ye Sons and Daughters (Tisserand; o filii et filiae)
    communion: Bread of Angels (Stephan), Worthy is the Lamb (Manalo), I am the Bread of Life (Toolan)
    closing: Alleluia No. 1 (Fishel)

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