Always on This First of Days (Gather Australia 532)

This is a succinct gathering song with a text by Delores Dufner OSB. The setting is by Rosalie Bonighton.

I can’t find it any trace of this one outside of Gather Australia, which is a real pity. Maybe because the tune is by an Australian composer, but I read she was well respected.  Maybe it just doesn’t have the push of Dufner’s work owned by the big companies.

I don’t usually put up the words anymore but I really think this may be a hidden gem. (Ok the range is a bit much but see if you can make it.)

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Always on this first of days and ev’rywhere from age to age,

a people gathers to give thanks in your name, Risen Lord!

1 In your name and in your memory

we, your church assemble here,

broken in our separate lives

but in your body whole.

2 In your name and in your memory

we will hear your story told

and, in hearing, we will know

that story as our own.

3 In your name and in your memory

we will bless and break the bread,

eat and drink, and so become

the body we have shared.

text © 1991 Delores Dufner OSB.


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