Music for Trinity Sunday Year A 10th/11th June 2017

We also recognise Environmental Sunday this week.

Entrance: Sing Out Earth and Skies (Haugen) AOV 2/32

Daniel 3 (McKenna)

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Glory and praise forever!

Gospel Acclamation: Celtic Alleluia (O’Carroll/Walker) AOV 1/13

Gifts: All You Works of God (Haugen) AOV 1/19

Communion: Trinity Song (Andersen)

Seed Scattered and Sown (Feiten) GA 195

Recessional: Glory and Praise to Our God (Schutte) AOV 1/16

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2 Responses to Music for Trinity Sunday Year A 10th/11th June 2017

  1. Ryan says:

    Gathering: Holy, Holy, Holy (Heber; NICAEA)

    Mass Setting: Mass of St. Therese (Griffin)
    Psalm: I Will Lift Up Your Name (Angrisano/Tomaszek)

    Gifts: Sacred Silence (Booth/Pixler/Kuner)

    Communion: Behold the Lamb (Willett)

    Closing: Canticle of the Sun (Haugen)

  2. R.S. says:

    opening: Holy, Holy, Holy (Heber; nicaea)
    offertory: We Have Been Told (Haas)
    communion: We are Many Parts (Haugen), O Beauty, Ever Ancient (O’Connor)
    closing: This Day God Gives Me (Quinn; bunessan)

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