In Bread We Bring You Lord

Joe has saved from the mind numbing extent of the OCP Guitar Accompaniment Book by sending me a couple of his excellent backings.

Joe is from rural Queensland and can actual play, so he makes his backings properly using a keyboard.

He sent me this offertory song by Kevin Nichols that was new to me, but seems very popular, especially in England where it was written.

The text is here. Mary at Godsongs has lots of information about the song. It is in the 20th Century Folk Hymnal Volume 2.

Joe’s backing is in D, to be kind to us groaners, and his arrangement has interesting minor chords. You can hear the nuance of a real person behind the backing, starting simply and building up nicely.

[audio:|titles=In Bread We Bring You Lord]


My backing has been brought back up to F but the chords are dumbed down. BIAB made up the intro and I added the melody as mine is to help me learn it whereas Joe’s needs the vocalists to add the melody. I only run through the two verses as written.


[audio:|titles=In Bread We Bring You Lord]



There are lots of YouTube clips of assemblies singing this one. Here is just one of them:

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One Response to In Bread We Bring You Lord

  1. Frenzy Cool says:

    Good Day

    I like the song or minus of In Bread we bring you Lord…Perect..

    and by the way, I have another song requesting for you entitled “Jerusalem A New Song”. Hope you can do the minus one of that song, it is on GIA but there is no Music Sheet.. But I have a vocal of this song/. The link for Jerusalem A New Song is, you can hear that at the end of mass because it is a Finale Song…and for the song Come back to Jeruslaem the link is and you can hear that at beginning because it is an Opening Song…
    Hope you would hear it and you can make a minus one…

    Thank you and God Bless..
    The Lyrics is here:

    I have groped in the dark
    with a cold empty heart
    and I’ve searched every livelong day
    I have followed the call that was
    whispered to me
    Though at times I have turned away
    still I could feel a warm guiding hand
    That leads me along the way
    to serve in the house of the Lord, my God
    and this is where I long to be

    From afar I could here the music of the people
    who have searched and found a song
    A song that would chase the blues away
    and the shadow that comes along
    I hear a great rejoicing of the people who
    have always known
    That this is where the Lord abides
    and this is where we all belong.

    this isn’t just a song
    I’ve managed to come home again,
    to the Lord i do belong
    and if someday I should stray from you
    and not remember to return
    Call on me Jerusalem
    Call on me Jerusalem
    Call on me Jerusalem
    to come, HOME.

    Have you been searching do long
    Asking so many questions
    Wondering where where we are going
    and where we belong
    Have you wondered ’bout living
    Have you wondered ’bout love?
    are you searching for answers
    from the heavens above?

    It is never the end
    It’s always just the beginning
    there’s no need to pretend
    that things keep going your way
    No one could always be happy
    there’s always time to blue
    but if you find your self lonely
    here’e what you should do

    Come back to jerusalem
    Back to Jerusalem
    Come back to Jerusalem
    Back to your Home
    Come back to Jerusalem
    Back to Jerusalem
    Come back to Jerusalem
    Back to your Home…

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