Though Many We Are One

Joe also sent this song by Leo Watt that one correspondent has mentioned as their favourite Leo song.

If you are after sheet music or other Leo Watt material you should contact him through his website.

  1. Here around this altar Lord, though many we are one.

Here to offer you our lives, the work that we have done.


With each day we start again to help your kingdom come.

Give strength and courage to our soul, though many we are one.

2. From a grain of golden wheat that ripens in the sun

Comes to us the bread of life to help us live as one.

3. Young in heart and full of hope we gather here as one.

Christian people here to serve as Christ himself has done.

© Leo Watt

As usual Joe has made a sensible usable backing:

[audio:|titles=Though Many We Are One]

Mine, on the other hand, may have too much banjo and accordion and a nasty cheap clarinet sound for the melody:

[audio:|titles=Though Many We Are One]

The Leo Watt renaissance continues with people asking big money for his albums on E-bay. 

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