We Are Fed by Chris deSilva

We Are Fed” is deSilva’s paraphrase of Psalm 103 and is a Eucharist song. You can choose between six verses to suit the readings. The range will not upset the assembly and I think this is a fine communion song. The sheet music is at his website.


[audio:http://www.sixmaddens.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/We-Are-Fed.mp3|titles=We Are Fed]

We are fed by God’s loving hand;
God gives us everything we need.
We are fed by God’s loving hand;
our God is generous indeed.

Verse 1
Praise and bless the Lord,
the God of power and might;
glorious in majesty,
wrapped in dazzling light.

Verse 2
Water springs from earth
and flows in rushing streams;
drenching hills and fertile plains,
watering the fields.

Verse 3
Grass grows lush and green,
crops ripen in the fields;
food for creatures great and small,
harvest of the earth.

Verse 4
Soil and toil provide
the wine that makes hearts glad,
oil that will anoint and heal,
bread that makes us strong.

Verse 5
All throughout the year
your creatures look to you;
you provide the food they need,
feed them every day.

Verse 6
We will sing our praise,
make music to our God.
May our song please you as much
as your works please us.

Copyright © 2013 Christopher J. S. deSilva. All rights reserved.


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