Christ is Risen by Chris deSilva

Continuing this series on the songs by Chris deSilva from Perth is this Easter song. The sheet music and sound files are here.

I would probably bring this down from the key of C to A to enhance participation considering the held high D’s in the song. I would also suggest that the last bar of the verse be made 2/4 to give a more natural turn back to the refrain.

It is another eminently singable and liturgically useful song, this time for the Easter season.

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Christ is risen, victorious over death!
Empty is the tomb where once he lay.
Christ is risen! Eternal life is ours.
“Alleluia” is our song today.

Verse 1
The risen Son turned darkness into light.
He has defeated Satan’s evil crew.
The bonds of sin no longer hold us tight.
Creation is made new!

Verse 2
The sacrifice once made by Abraham
gained him God’s favour for eternity.
Our sacrifice is Christ, the spotless Lamb.
His Blood has set us free!

Verse 3
The Israelites fled Egypt in the night
to follow Moses to the Promised Land.
We follow Christ, out leader and our light.
Salvation is at hand!

Verse 4
Old hearts of stone, so hard with selfishness,
cannot withstand the power from above.
Christ’s Spirit changes stones to living flesh:
new hearts that beat with love!

Verse 5
Only-begotten Son, we sing your praise,
one with the Father and the Heav’nly Dove.
With joy your death and rising fill our days.
We live in holy love!

Final Refrain
Christ is risen, victorious over death! Alleluia!
Empty is the tomb where once he lay. Alleluia!
Christ is risen! Eternal life is ours. Alleluia!
Our endless song now rises every day: Alleluia!

Copyright © 2013 Christopher J. S. deSilva. All rights reserved.

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