Let the Clouds by Chris deSilva

Chris deSilva has written a processional song for Advent. He suggests it could also be used for communion in that season as well and that sounds fair.  There are variations in the verses but not so much that a cantor is essential.  The range is fine and it has his usual approachable sing-ability.

The sheet music and piano+guide vocal track are available at his site here.

[audio:http://www.sixmaddens.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Let-the-Clouds.mp3|titles=Let the Clouds]

Let the clouds rain down justice,
as the earth awaits the Saviour.
Maranatha, maranatha,
come, Lord Jesus, come!

Verse 1
O Holy Wisdom, mirror of God’s power:
come and teach us, make all things new.

Verse 2
O mighty Adonai, leader and lawgiver:
come, redeem us, stretch out your arm.

Verse 3
O Rod of Jesse, emblem of God’s people:
come, deliver us, do not delay.

Verse 4
O Key of David, Sceptre of Israel:
come and free us, open the way.

Verse 5
O glorious Dayspring, light and sun of justice:
come, enlighten us, turn night to day.

Verse 6
O King of Gentiles, every heart’s desire:
come and rule us, grant us your peace.

Verse 7
O come Emmanuel, saviour of the nations:
come, be with us, O Lord our God.

Copyright © 2012 Christopher J. S. deSilva. All rights reserved.

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