Make a Highway by Chris deSilva

I’m having a good time blogging the works of Chris deSilva from Perth.  His songs are liturgically useful and able to be sung, which is a good combination.

The verses of “Make a Highway” match the weeks in Advent so you can sing the song throughout Advent as an entrance hymn, for example, and pick the appropriate verse for each week.

He has put the sheet music and a voice+piano guide MP3 at his site here.

You can sing along with my backing to learn the song:

[audio:|titles=Make a Highway]

Make a highway for our Saviour:
Straighten the crooked, make it wide.
Flatten mountains, fill in valleys,
Sweep all obstacles aside.

Verse 1
Stay awake, the Lord is coming
At a time we do not know.
Be alert, prepared to meet him,
For his coming will not be slow.

Verse 2
Mary listened to the angel,
Then she said, “God’s will be done.”
Joseph, guided in his dreaming,
Made a home for God’s only Son.

Verse 3
Mary visited her cousin,
In whose womb the child she bore
Leapt for joy at Mary’s greeting.
She praised God who lifts up the poor.

Verse 4
John the Baptist, at the Jordan,
Called on sinners to repent;
Warned them of the Kingdom’s coming,
Baptized those who were penitent.

Verse 5
Now we look towards the future
When our Lord will come again.
Tears and sorrow will be ended,
Love will conquer sin, death and pain.


Copyright © 2012 Christopher J. S. deSilva. All rights reserved.

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