I Will Follow You by Peter Grant

Peter Grant has sent a wonderful new song. He said this about it:

I promised to send some recent compositions. Here is my latest, based on texts from John 6:68; Ps 24 (25) and Ps 119 called “I Will Follow You”.

I think it would be appropriate for commitment, reconciliation and school liturgies as well as general use.

Willow has a demo excerpt mp3 plus the music, but it’s not online pending their website update that Mon has told me will be ready soon. Anyway, I’m sure Shenay (orders@asonevoice.com.au) will be happy to supply the music if anyone requests it by email.

He said I could put up the text and I made a basic backing to sing along with to learn it. The tune is most singable.

I Will Follow You

Music: Peter Grant, Chris Currie
Lyrics: Peter Grant. Inspired by John 6:68; Ps 24 (25): vv. 4, 5, 10; Ps 119: (120) v. 105

I will follow you, wherever you lead me;
for you are the light guiding my path.
If my feet should stray or stumble along the way,
take my hand, O Lord, and lead me once more to you.

Verse 1.
Make me know your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths.
Lead me in your truth, in you I trust.

Verse 2.
All your paths are steadfast love and faithfulness.
Let my eyes be ever turned to you.

Verse 3.
Lord, to whom else could we go,
for you alone have the words of everlasting life.

Copyright © 2017 Peter Grant. All rights reserved.
Published by Willow Publishing Pty Ltd, PO Box 1063 Dee Why NSW 2093 Australia. All rights reserved.

He also sent his own backing track, that has a lovely woodwind part starting in the second verse:

He also sent an Sibelius demo as well:


I’ve noticed you can now go to As One Voice directly to buy this song here.



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  1. Trish says:

    Thank you for this beautiful song. I will be getting this music for my non-choir small community. Lovely words and the tune is easy to sing.

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