Music for the the Second Week of Advent Year B 9th/10th December

Entrance: Prepare the Way of the Lord (Boniwell)

Wreath: All Is Wonder (Watts) AOV NG 4

Psalm: To You O God, I Lift Up My Soul (Hurd) AOV 2/14

Gifts: Life a Shepherd (Dufford) AOV 1/26

Communion: Seed, Scattered and Sown (Feiten) GA 195

Thanksgiving: Advent Chant (Porter/Kirkland) AOV 2/123

Recessional: A Voice in the Wilderness  (Robinson) AOV 1/60

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3 Responses to Music for the the Second Week of Advent Year B 9th/10th December

  1. Chris Wroblewski says:

    Entrance: On Jordan’s Bank the Baptist’s Cry [Chandler / WINCHESTER NEW]
    Psalm: Respond & Acclaim [Alstott]
    Gifts: A Voice Cries in the Desert [Joncas / AURELIA]*
    Communion: Bread of Life [Farrell] – Advent verses
    Sending: The Voice of God Goes Out through All the World [Connaughton / WOODLANDS]

    * Anyone finding Michael Joncas’s “A Voice Cries Out” too difficult for the congregation might like this later offering in his metrical hymn collection for Advent/Christmas “Within Our Hearts Be Born”. I should point out that we used AURELIA (associated with “The Church’s One Foundation”) rather than the published tune, “REVELATION”, because no one would have known it.

  2. Ryan says:

    Gathering: Ready the Way (Hurd)

    Psalm: Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Haugen)
    Mass Parts: Mass of the Angels and Saints (Janco)

    Gifts: Holy Is His Name (Talbot)

    Communion: Jesus, Lamb of God (Farrell)

    Closing: A Voice Cries Out (Joncas)

    • Ryan says:

      For this week’s Immaculate Conception Mass at the Cathedral parish, we did…

      Gathering: Immaculate Mary (Cummings/Foley; LOURDES HYMN)

      Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia (Murray)

      Gifts: O Sanctissima (O DU FRÖLICHE)

      Mass Setting: Mass in Honor of St. Benedict (LeBlanc)

      Communion: O Come, Divine Messiah (Pellegrin/trans. Sr. Mary; VENEZ, DIVIN MESSIE)

      Closing: The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns (Brownlie; MORNING SONG)

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