Come to the Water (AOV 1/74)

This is a song by Frank Andersen that I’ve played so often I could do it underwater, which is fine as it is a baptismal song. Simple, sincere, singable, what’s not to like? Fr Frank Andersen is a national treasure and should be appreciated as such. I should just blog a whole lot of his songs at some stage. His books are worth reading as well. We do use the John Foley setting as well, but for overseas listeners who have never tried Father Frank, give him a go.

For a treat listen to this fine gentleman sing this song unaccompanied.


Come to the water! You who are thirsty!
Though you have nothing, I bid you come!

And be filled with the goodness I have to offer!
Come! Listen! Live.

Verse 1

Why spend your money on what cannot fill
The emptiness deep in your heart?

Listen to My word and you will enjoy
Goodness and peace in your heart!


Verse 2

Just as the heavens are high above earth;
My ways and thoughts beyond you!

Call me your Father and know I am near!
I will be Father to you!


Verse 3

Just as the rain falls to water the earth;
Just as a seed becomes bread

My word upon you can never return
Until My longing is filled!


© Frank Andersen and Chevalier Music

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5 Responses to Come to the Water (AOV 1/74)

  1. Ferdinand Cajigal says:

    Where can i purchase a copy of this music?

  2. admin says:

    G’Day Ferdinand

    Father Frank’s music is available here:

    If you just want melody line and chords $A7.50 gets you all his music including this song. There is an e-mail address at that site that you can use for enquiries.

    Good Luck


  3. Diana says:

    Finally….I found it…. It was so very important for me to find this!!! Praise GOD.

  4. Charlotte White says:

    At last…! Thank you soooooo……. much!!! You help us a lot. Keep up doing good. God Bless!

  5. Kingsley says:

    At last! Thank GOD for the internet and whoever put this song on it. So so happy now

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