A Voice Is Heard

I’m going to continue blog the song book As One Voice: the Next Generation.  I’ve decided I still have the gall to second guess the talented people who have put it together.  Perhaps a view from the suburbs is needed, if only because the very talented may not always see the difficulties faced by the less talented.

By the way, I’ve heard enough of the music now to just recommend you buy the thing.  It will save you a lot of looking for new material and it is 70% Australian composed which is a good thing to support.

This song is by established Australian songwriters, Monica O’Brien and Trisha Watts, and is loosely based on Ps 19:1-4.  The sample on the website is very sedate and polite but I’ve heard it done in a more lively way to better effect.  It has a lot of pushes half way through bars that will test the non syncopating singers in the assembly, but really the song has the rhythm of speech and is quite intuitive.  It should work fine.  I’d like to use it as the psalm when it is close enough to the Psalm of the week (I know that’s “wrong”) or just the refrain as a sung response.

My backing is pretty basic.  I use two different horn sounds for the call and response to aid with learning it and they are mixed up higher than you normally would for a backing track.

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Come, let us praise our God, Come, let us sing for joy,

With a heart of thanks we give honour.

You are a mighty God, You are the source of life.

Creator God we give praise.

Verse 1

From the deepest seas  (a voice is heard)

From the highest hills (a voice is heard)

From the rich, dark earth (a voice is heard)

All creation sings, God is heard.

Verse 2

Through the darkest night (a voice is heard)

Through the breaking dawn (a voice is heard)

Through the heart of life (a voice is heard)

All creation sings, God is heard.

© Monica O’Brien and Trisha Watts 1998.

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One Response to A Voice Is Heard

  1. Sharon Flux says:

    Thank you for your instrumental versions of the hyms. They are most helpful. My Parish has the CDs, music books lead hymn books of AOV 1, 2 , AOVNG & AOVK. As well some hoir members and musicians including myself have purchased their own personal copies of theses books. I find your instrumentals of the hymns, information and lyrics very helpful for enabling members of our music ministry groups to listen to new hymns as well as well as for practicing prior to our
    Mass. It is especially helpful for those memers who do not play or have access to a musical instrument. They are then familiar with the hymns and have more confidence singing.

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