All Are Welcome

This is not in “As One Voice”, but it is my favourite Marty Haugen song, so I thought I’d put it in.  We use it often as a gathering song and pick the most appropriate verses to match the liturgy of the day. We only found it because we were looking for the full music for “The Hand of God Shall Hold You,” which someone wanted us to use, and it turned out to be part of Haugen’s “All Are Welcome” collection.  It reminds me of a trade union song or something by Billy Bragg – a good thing!  You might want to follow Adam Copeland’s thread on this song.

Haugen’s version is here. It can be purchased on its own or as part of a collection at GIA.

Cantus Mundi has the text and several You-Tube versions.

My backing uses the brass introduction in the sheet music since I can’t do a convincing whistle in BIAB, but otherwise this is a stripped back Irished up version.


[audio:|titles =All Are Welcome]
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  1. Sharon says:

    thanks a lot- want to teach this song on Sunday- its in our new hymn book but we have no organist to play it so backing tracks are essential but we dont have an official backing track collection to use at the present time…so you are a gift! We wont have to wait for the music providers to play catch up before we can use the song in worship- as they say here in Norfolk, UK “keep you on a troshing Bor” (that means keep up the good work) Love and peace, Sharon

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