Come to Set Us Free (AOV 1/39)

Bernadette Farrell was certainly popular when this collection put together.  This song is very suitable for Advent but could be a more general gathering song.  We’ve never used it, so if anyone does and finds it useful, by all means let me know. It can purchased at OCP.

You can hear it done with extra vocal lines and brass here.  Otherwise you could just sing along with my backing.

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Come to set us free, come to make us your own.
Come to show the way to our people, your chosen.
Open our lives to the light of your promise.
Come to our hearts with healing, come to our minds with power,
come to us and bring us your life.
Verse 1
You are light which shines in darkness,
Morning Star which never sets.
Open our eyes which only dimly see,
The truth which sets us free.
Verse 2
You are hope which brings us courage,
You are strength which never fails.
Open our minds to ways we do not know,
But where your Spirit grows.
Verse 3
You are promise of salvation,
You are God in human form.
Bring to the world of emptiness and fear
The Word we long to hear.

© Bernadette Farrell 1986,1988.

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2 Responses to Come to Set Us Free (AOV 1/39)

  1. Joseph Hogan says:

    this is a beautiful Advent song…thank you so much..
    the seminerians at the Pontificio Beda College Rome
    God Bless.
    Joe Hogan in 3rd year.

  2. Jill says:

    Dear Bernadette,
    Love these words and the depth of the melody.
    Looking forward to its inclusion in our Liturgy.
    Thank you and Congratulations.
    God bless. Keep up your great work.

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