Songs for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 28th/29th Jan 2012

When I get a chance I’ll put up what is to be played each week at our local Catholic church.  We have four liturgy teams that put together music to match each Mass for each week. I’m part of one of the teams and so have input one week a month.  Last week they were pretty much all songs from As One Voice: the Next Generation, but this week they are more familiar songs.

We are currently singing the mass parts from the revised Mass Shalom.

Entrance – We Are Called (AOV 2/60)

Psalm response – If Today You Hear His Voice (AOV 2/72)

Gifts –  Beatitudes (Ducote)

Communion  – Blessed Be Our God (AOV NG 13)

                       – Table Song (Haas)

Recessional – All the Ends of the Earth (AOV 1/76)


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