Song at the Centre (AOV 2/74)

This is a Marty Haugen song that I’ve never heard of, but you can hear an excerpt at AOV here. Youtube has the whole song with an introductory recitation. This version is much better than the original.

The text is here. (scroll down to page six) It can be purchased at sheetmusicplus.

The song needs delicate handling as the tune for the chorus and the verse are the same which is a risk.  You could just sing it straight through I suppose, without returning to the chorus. Whatever its merits the version in AOV gets a thumbs up as the first northern hemisphere based song that acknowledges that north and south need to be switched in the southern hemisphere.

[audio:|titles=Song at the Centre]


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  1. Lainey says:

    I love this bc we are using this song for choir

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