Called to Create (AOV 2/121)

This is a great song by Patricia Lewis and Alister Spencer with an interesting tune and a matching set of words. It is an avian Liturgy of the hours. A sample can be heard at AOV.

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Made in God’s likeness, moved by the Spirit,

Called to create a new world for the Lord,

Called to create a new world for the Lord.

1. Birds in the mountains sing of your praises,

Called in the morning to tell of your love;

Bell-birds and whip-birds sing of creation,

Celebrate always that Christ is the King.

2. Summoned at noontide come now and follow,

Joyfully marching wherever you lead;

Roller birds stuntmen, king-fishers’ laughter

Clowns of creation in the circus of God.

3. Called in the night time to act in your drama,

To take on the Christ role, your script in our hearts;

Masked owl and bower-bird teach us to study

The part we must play and the gifts we can share.

4. Called now at all times, to wait on the Father,

Follow his lead as he partners our dance;

Brolga bird dances, retreats and, returning,

Bowing at last to his partner, the Lord.

© Alister Spence and Patricia Lewis 1984,1986.

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2 Responses to Called to Create (AOV 2/121)

  1. Jennifer Sims says:

    Please where can I obtain copyrightpermission to use these words?

    We have CCLI and LicenSing at our church. Neither cover this song.

  2. admin says:

    I have no idea, Jennifer. In “As One Voice” it says that Lewis and Spencer control their own copyright. I could find no biographical information about the songwriters when I was blogging this song, so I suspect your best bet is to contact Monica O’Brien at As One Voice who may know who is looking after the permissions.


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