For You Have Been Our Hope (aka Sovereign Lord)

This is a song based on Ps 71 by Ian Roberts who is English and published through Kevin Mayhew, but otherwise I can find nothing about him on the net.  The song is in this collection if you need it. This must have been used a long time ago because I only vaguely remember it but it is a fine tune.

This is another ancient MIDI file of mine put through Pro Tools.

 For you have been our hope O Lord,

Our confidence from old.

Our rock, our refuge, fortress strong

Where we can always go.

We will ever praise you,

Worship and proclaim your mighty works and power.

For your faithfulness and your great love for us

We’ll sing and shout for joy.

We are those you have redeemed,

We put our trust in you.

Sov’reign Lord you’ve made us yours forever,

Sov’reign Lord you care.

All through the night, your light is shining on us,

Throughout our days you’re there.

© Kevin Mayhew 1999.

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2 Responses to For You Have Been Our Hope (aka Sovereign Lord)

  1. Ian Roberts says:

    Hi – I just came across this – I wrote Sovereign Lord along with some others which were bought by Kevin Mayhew.

    • admin says:

      G’Day Ian, nice to hear from you.

      Do you know if the sheet music is available outside of the collection I noted?

      I’m not sure how your song came to be used at the suburban Catholic Church in Australia at which I used to play, but it is perfectly suited for liturgical purposes and it would be nice if it were more generally available.



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