As One Voice: the Next Generation – Recap

Dashboard tells me this is the 200th post and a fine time to look at the collection of songs I’ve been blogging since last year.

This book is really the only practical way to get your hands on the best material of Australian Catholic composers.  It also usefully aggregates a selection of the best overseas songs, and not just from the USA.  I spent A$57.95 on the book at St Pauls Book Centre in town, which was an absolute bargain. If you haven’t bought it yet you should – go to the AOV site and do yourself a favour.

They have tried to get as much as possible into the sheet music and have run the risk of obscuring the main melody line at times, but it all could be worked out and the properly musically trained will fix it on the fly with no trouble at all.  We less gifted will just have to slog it out.  The errors in the sheet music are overall minor and I suppose will be picked up in future editions.

Prior to getting this collection at our parish we had already used Michael Mangan’s, “Hearts on Fire” and “Holy Spirit Come”, emmanuelworship’s “Lord, Send Me Your Spirit” and “My Witness You’ll Be” and Wild Goose’s “The Summons”.  (Oh well…and “Shout to the Lord” from Hillsong)

We have now used:

Blessed Be Our God

Come to the Table (Burland not Angotti)

Gather as One

Go Make a Difference

Like a Candle

Jesus is Risen

Send Out Your Spirit, Lord

We have also previewed many songs at our “Sing Along with Ed”sessions including a Judy Bailey evening.

We will be using this resource for many years to come and adding more of the songs as they fit into our liturgies and at a rate paying attention to the assembly’s acceptance of new material.

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  1. Frankie Little says:

    I wish the As One Voice – next generation would come out as a single stave ( melody only) as copyright issues are now in full swing under ONE LICENCE and full score printing limited to one per purchased book. Great that As One Voice have combined 1 and 2 for chords and melody lines.

    I have just put in a request eg for :”Go make a difference” as it is not listed.

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