Music for the Fourth Week of Easter Year A 6th/7th May 2017

Entrance: Like a Shepherd (Dufford) AOV 1/26

Psalm: Crimond AOV 1/144

Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia No. 1 (Fishel) AOV 1/15

Gifts: Glory in the Cross (Schutte)

Communion: Shepherd Me O God (Haugen) AOV 1/33

Take and Eat (Russell) AOV 2/162

Thanksgiving: Alleluia! Love Is Alive (Angrisano, Manibusan, Hart)

Recessional: Sing to the Mountains (Dufford) AOV 1/92


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5 Responses to Music for the Fourth Week of Easter Year A 6th/7th May 2017

  1. R.S. says:

    opening: The God of all Grace (Manalo)
    offertory: Like a Shepherd (Dufford)
    communion: Miracle of Grace (Stephan), Shepherd of Souls (st. agnes)
    closing: One Lord (Soper)

  2. Ryan says:

    I’m a second grade teacher, so I’ll be at different parishes in the area for First Communions this week and next week. This week, I visited the “step-child” parish of the diocese (according to a parishioner I was talking with). It’s very modern (no crucifix, movable seats that are set up in a circle around the altar during Mass, modern instrumentation). Next week, I’ll be at the Cathedral parish so I’ll be getting the total opposite experience I’m sure. Anyway…

    Gathering: Here at This Table (Whitaker)

    Sprinkling: ??? (There was no printed music for me to get the song name and composer and I can’t remember enough of it to find it online, but there was a lot of clapping going on.)
    Mass Setting: Mass of Glory (Hurd/Canedo) (More clapping during the Gloria!)
    Psalm: Shepherd Me, O God (Haugen)

    Gifts: We Will Rise Again (Haas)

    Communion: One Bread, One Body (Foley)
    Fly Like a Bird (Canedo)

    Closing: Go Make a Difference (Angrisano) (You guessed it! More clapping!)

    • admin says:

      Full, conscious and active participation – if the kids are clapping in the right place they are at least engaged I suppose. Isn’t it the second grade teachers who teach them to clap in the songs anyway?!

      First communion in the cathedral sounds daunting -best of luck.



      • Ryan says:

        I try to do hand motions and contemporary songs as much as possible when they fit with our religion lessons. They love the hand motions I taught them for Though the Mountains May Fall. Unfortunately, teaching at the Cathedral’s parish school means school masses will never (probably) use that particular song. On another note, I finally remembered the sprinkling song. It was Let the River Flow by Darrell Evens taken at a quick tempo to allow for clapping! 🙂

  3. Mr Ethan Rich Churchfan2015 says:

    Opening: Sing of The Lord’s Goodness (AOV 131)
    Responsorial Psalm: The Lord is my Shepherd (AOV 26) Offertory: Instrumental
    Communion: Like A Shepherd (AOV 160)
    El Shaddai (LESB 15)
    Recessional: The Lord of the Dance (AOV 18)

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