If God Is For Us GAB 237

I can jump a couple more already blogged songs in OCP’s Guitar Accompaniment Book circa 2005 and look at Grayson Warren Brown‘s “If God Is For Us”.

This is a slow gospel song based on Romans 8:31-39 and I suspect I have not run across it because gospel is not a style that comes readily to a suburban Australian assembly, or if we do try it we squeeze all the style out of it. I’m thinking of “Who Will Speak” and the like.

OCP suggest this song as an entrance or even for funerals.

This has some lovely diminished and minor chords as an antidote to triumphalism.

The sheet music can be purchased at OCP where you can find the text in their preview.

[audio:http://www.sixmaddens.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/If-God-is-For-Us.mp3|titles=If God Is For Us]


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