We Are One by Chris deSilva

This is another communion song by Chris deSilva from Perth that is really very good indeed.  The text fits the singable tune in a range that won’t upset the assembly.

It is in E but I would be lazy and play it capo 2 in D.

The sheet music and a vocal+piano track are available at his site here.

[audio:http://www.sixmaddens.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/We-Are-One.mp3|titles=We Are One]

We are one in the Body and the Blood of Christ:
one in faith, we have one Lord!
We are one in the Spirit who fills us with life;
we are the people of God.

Verse 1
The bread we break is the bread of life,
turning us from selfishness and greed.
We are to share our bread with the hungry,
commit our lives to those in need.

Verse 2
The wine we bless is a holy sign
of the life poured out to set us free.
we have been taught to serve one another,
and live in faith and charity.

Verse 3
We thank our God for these precious gifts:
bread of justice and the wine of peace.
Our hearts are changed, we bring forth God’s Kingdom,
the life we share will never cease.

Copyright © 2000 Christopher J. S. deSilva. All rights reserved.


Unfortunately for both songwriters called Chris deSilva they have both written a song called “We Are One”. The one by the other Chris deSilva I have blogged here. I bet it causes havoc for One Licence to know who to pay.

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