Christ Ascended to his Father by Chris deSilva

I’m working through the songs that Chris deSilva has put up on his website.

This is a song for Ascension. It has a couple of clunky rhymes: band/land; meet/paraclete but it works well enough and the tune is, as usual for deSilva, eminently singable.

The sheet music is available at his website here. There were no chords so I got BIAB to guess them for me.

[audio:|titles=Christ Ascended to his Father]


Verse 1
Christ ascended to his Father,
saying to his chosen band,
“Go and preach, convert and baptize,
make me known in every land.”

Verse 2
Guided by the Holy Spirit,
from that time the Church has grown.
Preachers, martyrs, missionaries
worked to make Christ Jesus known.

Verse 3
Now it is our turn to witness,
bringing Christ to those we meet;
giving glory to the Father,
with the Son and Paraclete.

Copyright © 2013 Christopher J. S. deSilva. All rights reserved.

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