Day 3 APMN Conference

Day 3 started before the sessions with a performance by two wonderful choirs, one of African heritage and one male choir.  When the male choir sang Siyahamba some of the African choir started dancing with them which was amazing.

David Haas had two session and the first was actually a practical session looking at fine tuning aspects of music liturgy – choirs, instrumentalists, cantors and composers.

The next session I attended from two sisters, Leesa Horrigan and Anita Plant who gave us the benefit of years of practical parish work with suggestions to enhance local liturgies.

Paul Mason then looked at the use of technology for church musicians with Ipads and apps like ForScore to use ebooks to organise music on the screen rather than paper.  I got the impression it is still a way off being an answer as yet.

The last session was David Haas based on his book “That You Might Have Life: 12 Spiritual Practices to Nurture Your Call to Holiness.”

There was a moving closing ceremony then I started for home walking east along Scarborough Beach Rd to the local church for mass. Unfortunately, it showed all the problems that needed to be addressed by the substance of the conference.


I may look more closely a specific issues about the conference once my head stops spinning.


The next one is probably in Melbourne in 2 years.


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